Wednesday, October 5, 2011

You know your a Mom of Multiples when...

- you are VERY creative in order to hold both of them at the same time with ONE arm free

- you get very creative with your nose, feet, bottom etc with getting things/opening doors (while holding them both)

- you realize that you never knew quite what EXHAUSTION was until now

- you can hold two car seats in one hand, a diaper bag in the other, purse, groceries, the mail, keys AND a coffee to go mug

- you can tandem breastfeed them both while checking your email

- you can fit EVERYTHING, just like a clown car, into the bottom of your "double wide" stroller

- you get so creative when holding them and they've BOTH gone to sleep that you slither a baby down a leg because you can only put one down at a time

- you can tell by the momentum of the swings that their dying so you replace the batteries before the babes awake

- it takes you an hour to just get out of the store because EVERYONE and their dog stops you to talk about the twins

- you light up the face of every older person you see

- you scare EVERY younger person into being more responsible with their birth control

- you ask for a twin discount at every possible store

- you think sleeping in till 8am is heaven!

- you wear tank tops everywhere because your arms are the fittest they have ever been because you're carrying around 20lbs in each arm all the time.

- you can breastfeed one and change the others diaper and then toss the diaper in the trash like an NBA player

- you can tandem breastfeed AND do the folding clothes at the same time

- you can hold the baby in one arm, hold the bottle with your chin and read the mail with the other hand

-the term "just sleep when the baby sleeps" means nothing to you because you have two babies who sleep at different times

- fighting starts as soon as they can move

- they try to change each others diapers

- a dentists visit sounds relaxing

- you wonder if life with a singleton gets boring

- when talking to moms of singletons, you refer to their baby as "they"


  1. Though I don't have multiples, having four in four years often lends itself to many of the issues on this list.
    Kudos to you for you ability to find the humor and joy in the sleepless nights and crying bouts!