Wednesday, October 5, 2011

You know youre a Mom of Multiple MULTIPLES when

- your nurses at the hospital are SHOCKED at how easy it is for you to latch them both on within hours of their birth and then call other nurses in to see

- your children think that those 'neck pillows' that you get for cars are really tandem breastfeeding toys, "JUST like mommies!"

- you have to sniff FOUR little bottoms when you think that one might have had an accident

- there is NO WAY of getting out of being a 'celebrity' EVERY place you go because of your unique situation

- people point and look like your in the zoo

- it takes you FOUR hours to just get out of the store because EVERYONE and their dog stops you to talk about twins DOUBLED

- you get all the children to sleep and wonder why there is no chorus singing, "HALLELUJAH! HALLELUJAH!"

- you can breastfeed one, change the others diaper while having a conversation on the phone

- you get up late and it takes you less time to get ALL five of you dressed, get breakfast for all and get your double stroller and be in the car driving than it takes one person to do that (26mins is my record so far)

- you're stuck with poopy diapers and you have just changed one and then a twin comes in and runs off with the first one while your stuck changing the second.

- taking JUST one set of twins out on a date with hubby sounds EASY

- your friend is pregnant and your kids don't understand why there's only ONE baby inside

- you know the official term for one baby is a singleton and wonder what life would like if you had JUST one

- You calculate the cost of everything by doubling or quadrupling it in your head automatically.

- you learned to roll a baby blanket and place it across two carseats and plop two bottles on it while grocery shopping

- your husband and you are compared to Noah's Ark



  1. I had to laugh at the 'sniff multiple bottoms' one. I do that too, though of course only two bottoms!

  2. Great list - could identify with most! Crazy, isn't it?