Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Bumbling Bothersome Boys

We went to MOPS for the first time this school year and what a totally wonderful way to start the morning! It was really good to see everyone again and to watch everyone holding and cooing to my two little babies... * relieved sigh* :-) (As a mother of multiples I find that I am *always* OK with someone else wanting to hold the babies...Trust me, I get ALL the baby time I need!) So a big thank you to all of you wonderful Burien area MOPs!

Now, you might be surprised to find that although our boys were SUPER DUPER excited to go to MOPs and had a great time *at* Mops...they also threw a total hissy fit on the way back from MOPs today.

Luckily the ride home is only about 5 minutes but when we pulled in to the drive way it was time to start the discipline. I told them that if they continued their behavior I was just going to ignore them. They HATE that...it USUALLY works too. Today...not so much...they continued to scream and cry in a way that only 2-3 year olds can master and so I just undid their seat belts, took the girls out of the car and left them to follow me inside when they calmed down. (Of course, they didn't know I was hiding around the corner just out of site... Wonder of wonders, Mark, the one that is usually much more stubborn about his fits, hopped right out of the car and left his bad attitude behind him. William on the other hand couldn't believe that I ignored them. He got out of the car and stood there in shock, with his mouth wide open in disbelief that I would so dare to leave them behind. He honestly appeared to be completely floored and unsure of what to do next.

I walked in the house and he followed me, (fake) crying all the way. I turned around at the door and said in a matter of fact, stern but calm voice, "If you continue that fake crying you're getting a time out." He stopped immediately. It's good to know that they're learning that Mommy and Daddy are just not going to put up with that sort of behavior.

Unfortunately today's been a toughie. The boys have been fussy all day. They didn't get a great night's rest last night and they absolutely refuse to take naps unless it's 4 or 5 at night and then they absolutely can *NOT* nap or they won't sleep at bed time... Days like this lead to a very tired Mom by the end of the day. I have 2 two month olds and two three year olds...difficult enough to deal with WITHOUT tantrums and fussy screaming, fighting twins all day long.

That said, Mark and I are growing to have an understanding. He's very strong willed, he wants to be in charge but he is finally starting to understand that I am Mommy and I am in charge, no matter what. He still fights me about it but I definitely have the upper hand what with being taller and all! lol! But seriously, I'm reading The Strong Willed Child and the authors techniques are really working for Mark. I'll write more about that later I'm sure....in my spare time ;-) ya know, cause I have so much of it!

Extreme Mommying eh? lol Extreme insanity more like ;-) with four children all under the age of three...oh no, four now...as of three weeks ago. So here's to seeing if they fall asleep and my sanity break from the little angels that my beautiful children are.

Update: 2:00pm

I've actually managed to get them down for a nap...GOD! Please let them fall asleep QUICKLY so that I have at least one drop of sanity left! ;-) I love my children, I love my children I LOVE MY CHILDREN! My mantra for the day.

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  1. I completely lied...they ARE taking a forced nap. Aaaah maybe I'll get to actually finish MY lunch without being interrupted 500 million times. Lets hope!